Sunday, March 18, 2018

Recovery and ride

I took my first long training ride today since I recovered from the flu. I rode approximately twenty-five miles, almost twenty miles more than I've ridden in the entire last month.

It was a glorious morning, too. I got out early enough that the sun hadn't fully risen yet.
It only looks grey and unpleasant.
Only five more training rides until the longer forty-five mile ride. I don't feel ready in any way, though I hope that will change. Now that my cough is largely gone, I'll start commuting by bike again too.

Sorry if this post isn't very interesting. I'll close with a public service announcement in the form of a picture. Here is why you should carry at the very least a strong cable in addition to your lock.

A lesson you only need to learn once. At least I hope so.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Post-flu ride

Went out for a post-flu ride today. My first ride in about a month. A little over three miles. Coughed a lot. Got tired pretty quickly.

On the other hand:

My legs feel great. My head is more clear than it's been in weeks.

Now I remember why I ride.

Next,  tea with honey.  And some eggs.

It's a wonderful life.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

barely biking

stupid flu. go away stupid flu. how many training rides have I missed because of you?

Stupid flu.

Monday, January 29, 2018


I've been thinking for hours about what I wanted to say in this post, and it boils down to just one thing: don't overindulge. Don't drink too much, eat too much, train too much, think too much.

That's it. All things in moderation.
You can't tell from this picture, but I'm still recovering from a Hollandaise overdose.
Sunday was my second training ride. Twenty miles total. And I was just wiped out afterwards. So of course I failed to take a rest day, instead opting to ride my heavier bike to work. So day, no matter how my legs feel.

Exciting times ahead.  Looking forward to getting in (almost) good shape again. Looking forward to test-riding as many 2018 bikes as I can.  And really looking forward to getting almost in decent physical condition again. 

Sunday, January 14, 2018

training, previously interrupted, continues

The picturesque training route
Today I went on my first group training ride for an April charity event. This comes after three or four weeks of mostly not riding while I tried to rid myself of a persistent winter cold. The event I'm training for has forty-five, sixty-five, and one hundred and ten mile rides. My group is training for the forty-five mile ride. This week we did twelve miles (and I added six more getting to and from the starting point) and we'll eventually work our way up to thirty miles in the weeks before the main ride.

I was not mentally prepared for this ride, assuming that this morning would be as foggy and wet as the last several mornings. A welcome surprise: it was sunny and pleasant all morning (though somewhat cold), only becoming overcast a few hours after the ride ended.

And it was really satisfying riding with a group again. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed these training rides. And it was nice seeing people from last year's ride, most of whom I remembered and most of whom remembered me.

I managed to take one barely acceptable picture of a drab street, despite the majority of the route following a pretty shoreline and passing through pleasant park land. Next week I'll be sure to get some inspiring pictures of sewers.

Monday, January 1, 2018

begin as you mean to go on

The title of this post is the beginning of a quote from Charles Haddon Spurgeon. As far as I know, he's famous largely for that quote. But that quote was on my mind as I started the new year.

Of course, the best start is a healthy breakfast.
Soft-boiled eggs and dinner rolls. Yes, dinner rolls at breakfast. I'm just a rebel.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Title No. 1234

Sorry, I couldn't come up with a clever title for this post. I'm not even sure what I'm talking about. Which, now that I think about it, is pretty much a constant state.

Before I begin...there's a lot here that's not bike related. It's been a busy year. My job has kept me busy and exhausted; I'm on the long slow slide to retirement, at which point I hope to do nothing but cook, eat, ride my bike, play and listen to music, work on the know, the typical things people do in retirement.

My LBS started carrying Marin bicycles, which I have to admit I found pretty interesting.

One of the Marins I rode was the Nicaso RC. It's a city bike with a Shimano 8-speed IGH in back. If I were in the market for my first bike, it would be one of the top contenders. It's also really cool-looking. Bright blue with matching fenders. Flat bar for a nice upright position. It looks to me to be the ultimate basic errand/commute bike. But see for yourself:
That blue! (Picture property of Marin Bikes.)
The 650B wheel size is also very appealing to me. 650B tires just seem comfortable, because the handling of the slightly smaller wheels makes the bike easier to handle than if it had 700c wheels. I don't think I'd give up my current errand/commuter bike for it, but it's a tempting bike in its own right. If I had nine hundred dollars in disposable income....maybe.

The other Marin I was able to test ride was the Four Corners model. It's what they call their "Utilitour" model. It's not a bad ride, but I think it could be better. They've done some things to make the bike more affordable and more appealing to (what I think of as) the average buyer.
The Four Corners. You can never get enough of blue bikes. (Picture property of Marin Bicycles.)

The crankset of the Four Corners is 50/39/30. I can't help but feel (based on my limited experience) that smaller rings would be a bit more useful. The front shifting is also a bit mushy-feeling to me. That could just be the way it was set up, but some mechanics I trust have told me that it's typical of the Alivio shifters that are standard on the Four Corners. All that aside, it's a good ride for most conditions; I just wasn't that happy with the shifting and with the gearing on a few difficult hills.

I've also been learning a bit of German in anticipation of a trip to Germany (of course). I'm hoping to celebrate my sixty-fourth birthday with a bike trip down the Rhine. It's always fun to attempt a new language; it'll be even better when I have a chance to use it.

Inspired by a post from the blog "Cycling In The South Bay", I've finally made some New Year's resolutions (other than "Don't make promises you can't keep" which is really sort of a meta-resolution). One I've already acted on: to delete my Facebook account. It's only been gone for two days and  I already feel I've wasted less time than I normally would have. Being less involved with the computer has given me more time to do the things I think I should actually be doing.

I don't often comment on current events in this blog. I'm not comfortable with expressing my political opinions in public, and in fact, I think this may be first time I've done it here.. But I'd like to end with this: despite things sometimes seeming bleak with our current situation, I believe that things will be uphill from here. It'll be a difficult climb, but we'll get there.

See you in the new year.