Monday, November 7, 2016

another (kind of) try at (sort of) coffeeneuring

Sunday, November 6th. I find myself jonesing for a bike ride like I've never jonesed for one before.

About a week ago, I did something...I don't know what...but it sent my back muscles into spasms. Today was the first day I've been able to get on the bike without pain since then.

And I thought, "Well, my entire day is open. Why don't I try coffeeneuring again?" So...

Coffeeneuring without a goal is probably not the way to go. I don't know if it's even possible within the definition of coffeeneuring. Fortunately, there was an actual cafe I wanted to go to. Here is a photo of the actual coffee I had at the actual cafe:

Place: Actual Cafe (yes, that is the actual name of the place)
Date: Nov 6, 2016
Drink: Latte
Observation: Bike friendly place (you can bring your bike inside if the interior racks have room). Coffee was good.

I had a comfortable table outside. It was a cool overcast day, and the combination of the weather and the lack of traffic gave the whole thing a very relaxed feeling.

Coffeneuring done, I found that I had only been out for about two hours. And I still hadn't satisfied that urge to ride. So...what to do? Did a little research, and found that there was a new coffee shop opened by Bicycle Coffee, a local roaster. (They deliver coffee by bicycle.) And it was only four miles away from where I was, so....

Here it is...the Bicycle Coffee Cafe:

It was remarkably uncrowded, considering that their coffee is some of the best in the area. Oh, yeah, coffee!
Place: Bicycle Coffee Cafe
Date: Nov 6 2016
Drink: Cafe Au Lait
Observation: Very bike friendly. Below you can see a picture of my bike inside the cafe.

The barista encouraged me to bring my bike inside, then complimented me on having such a nice ride. I don't like to be smug about it, but my bike is a thing of beauty.

Total distance covered? About fifteen miles. I think I set some kind of record for riding slowly, because I was out for about five hours.

Side note: my town has loads of great murals! Here's one of the many I saw on my ride. Not bike-related, but still cool.

Finished up with a visit to the bike store (of course), where they told me that my bike had a loose rear hub. Fortunately there was no damage because of this, and the bike rode more smoothly after the hub was tightened up. I also did another test ride, but I'll talk about that at some future date.

I've read the coffeeneuring rules again, and I now realize I may have broken a rule by stopping at more than one place. I'm hopeful that this infraction during coffeeneuring training won't endanger my chances of getting a patch when I


  1. the coffee looks delish in the first photo, but ooh, that purple mug is to die for! it goes with your bicycle...

    1. I'll be going to Bicycle Coffee Cafe again; I'm going to ask if I can buy a cup like that.