Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The more things change, the more I want to change things.

For months, I've been searching for a bike that fills some of the functional areas that my current bike doesn't. That's "fancy-speak" for "I want another bike because I want another bike." Let's face it; bikes are cool.

What can a new bike do that my bike can't? Well, it could be more sporty. Or easier to set up for touring. Or...I don't know. I do know this: for my next bike I want a steel frame with drop bars. Of all the bikes I've ridden that fulfill both of these criteria, my favorite has been the 2017 Vaya Deore.

I'm pretty sure I need to credit Salsa for this next picture. The bike is so beautiful, I just wanted to show it here.

Look at those wide tires and that beautiful steel fork. And that lovely straight top tube. Nice combination of SRAM and Shimano components in the drivetrain (no, I can't tell by looking; I read the specs).

But even with how beautifully it's specified, I can't resist mentally messing with the spec.

There are the Avid BB7 mechanical disc brakes. Why not hydraulic disk brakes? I can see the sense in having mechanical brakes; keep the price down, and if you're out on the road, maybe it's easier to fix them in event of problems.

Then there's the 48/34 front crank. If this is a light touring bike, why not a triple crank? Might that not make it easier for the varying terrain you could run into on a tour? Side note: I've done a little research on changing to a triple; it can be a little more complicated than just changing out the crankset and the front derailleur.

Why do I want to make these changes? Because this is the most comfortable drop bar bike I've ever ridden. Maybe one of the most comfortable bikes I've ever ridden, period. So of course I keep thinking how I could improve it.

I think everybody does that with a new bike; it becomes a framework for what the rider wants. I know that with every new bike I get, I'll probably replace the saddle.  Maybe the handlebars as well (though not with the Vaya; as I said, comfortable bike).

Pardon my rambling; I wrote this because I'm thinking about what this bike could be. I understand why it is what it is;  they're trying to produce the best bike they can for the best price they can. But, oh, how I'm tempted to just buy a frame and build it out.

You bike nerds know what I mean, right?

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