Monday, December 5, 2016

First training rides


It's Saturday afternoon. I've just finished my first training ride ever; that is, I went on this ride with the intention of pushing my limits. At twenty miles this wasn't the longest ride I'd ever done, but it was one of the roughest. I rode on the local equivalent of cobblestones for a while, and I even took some dirt roads.
Where the pavement turned to dirt
Oddly, the most difficult part of this ride was the result of me trying to make the ride a little easier. Part of getting to the area I was intending to ride involves taking an overpass to get over some railroad tracks. A few blocks before the overpass, I turned right to see if I could find some roads not meant for cars that I would be able to negotiate.

I don't recommend attempting a short cut through unfamiliar territory. I thought I'd found a faster way to my destination, but what I'd actually found was a path to somewhere I'd never been before.
When I saw these, I knew what part of the city I was in. Also that I was hopelessly lost.
Not only didn't I know where I was, I had no idea how to get back to a place that I was familiar with.

If I turned the other way, I did recognize something: San Francisco. Of course, I wasn't trying to get to SF, so this was fairly useless.
Now, if I look to the left of where I'm looking, and then try to extrapolate from where I am...yeah, I'm still lost.
I did find my way home by using an ingenious mix of human interaction (asking for directions) and technology (the GPS on my phone).

Bonus picture: an example of "rails to trails" caught in transition!
Still more rail than trail.


This was a twenty-five mile ride up the coast and back through the city.

I could have perhaps done better on the "training" part. But I did get my average speed up from 8.8 mph to 9.3 mph. If only I hadn't stopped to take these darn pictures:

Here's my favorite surface not to ride on.

I blame most of my posterior pain on surfaces like this.

There are some lovely views though. There's this marsh...

At least I think that's what it would be called.

And there's this...thing. I have no idea what it is. But I like speculating about what it could be. A transmitting tower? Some kind of winch?

The coast is truly beautiful. Any "training" I do there is more of a meander than a concerted effort. If I had stopped to take pictures of every beautiful and interesting thing I saw there, I would have been out until full dark.

So...145 days left until the event I'm training for. As long as I train sensibly, I should be able to get in some kind of shape.

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