Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year's Day ride etc.

In her post "2016 Rewind", blogger anniebikes talks about some of the firsts that she's achieved in the last year. And, as I'm sure most people who read the piece did, I started wondering about how many firsts I've had the first year.

I can think of a few instances of firsts without putting much thought into it. My first time on a bike in thirty-five years. My first crash after my first time of getting on a bike in thirty-five years. My first group ride ever. My first bike-related injury since high school. My first ride of more than twenty miles. My first ride of (slightly) more than thirty miles. The first week I commuted by bike every day.

And now, my first first of the new year: two blog posts in two days! Ok, it's not a big accomplishment...

In my twit feed this morning, I found a short sentence from @bikesnobnyc where he ruminates in his typical thoughtful style about the futility of having cycling goals.

I disagree: I think it's good to have those goals. I have a number of them; but they're all encompassed in one statement: I want to ride progressively farther each month. To me, that statement implies a number of things I'll have to do:
  • Finding motivation to ride farther; possibly by finding companions to ride far with me, possibly by simply thinking of a far place that I want to see.
  • Doing my first bike overnight, because I've ridden too far to get home at a reasonable time.
  • Learning some bike repair, because I won't always be near a bike shop.
  • Learning to ride in bad weather.  In my geographical area, that means rain.
  • Breaking out those rusty camping skills that I haven't used since I was a Boy Scout. 
  • Ceasing to talk about my goals and actually acting on them.
Another goal only tangentially related to cycling is to finally read Juliana Buhring's This Road I Ride. It's the story of her world tour by bicycle. I've been following Buhring on Twitter and Faceblah ever since I saw Inspired To Ride, the story of the 2014 Trans Am Bike Race. Buhring took up the bicycle at age thirty and accomplished something monumental; I find that inspiring.

How will all this work out? Watch this space.


  1. I'm glad I've inspired you to think about your accomplishments! And just so you know, I'm a veteran bike tourist and commuter and I still can discover new things. Keep up your riding and Cheers! to 2017.

    1. By the way, my husband and I just saw Inspired to Ride and loved it. :)

    2. I also wanted to tell you that I appreciate your list of biking blogs. I'm always on the lookout for other viewpoints, and enjoy hearing about the accomplishments of others.