Monday, February 13, 2017

Chaos Training

I went on .a bike ride Sunday. To call it training is probably incorrect. Most people who actually train have a plan of some sort. So I came up with the theory of Chaos Training, loosely based on Chaos Theory. A butterfly flaps its wings in Malaysia, I go for a bike ride in California. I think, though, that Chaos Theory actually has some sort of scientific basis, whereas most things I do aren't constrained by either science or common sense.

My Sunday Chaos Training:

  • Take Mystery Dog for a walk to limber up my legs. Actually, let Mystery Dog pull me around the block.
  • Meet a friend. 
  • Ride bikes for twenty miles.
  • Stop at a local Farmer's Market to eat at the best taco stand ever.
  • Ride the additional six miles back to my house.
The parts above almost could have been planned, if I weren't allergic to any sort of planning beyond "let's meet here, and go there." My riding partner called my style of riding "spontaneous, but cautious enough." Here's where the real chaos comes in:
  • On the way home, I realize that there might be something wrong with my front wheel. Possibly I put the quick releases back on in too much of a hurry.
  • I also realize that I can't stop at the LBS to have someone look at my front wheel, because I need to get the pasta sauce I bought at the Farmer's market into the refrigerator.
  • Go home. Put food in fridge.
  • Ice my back, remove ice, get back on the bike, go to the LBS where the mechanic tells me that the front wheel was in slightly crooked, and don't do that again.
  • Come uncomfortably close to buying the latest object of my obsession.
  • Go home without bankrupting myself by making an unwise purchase.
In all the chaos, though, I did get to ride a Surly Straggler. I've done about six test rides on the Straggler and like it more each time. This time I rode it home (about two miles from the LBS), and started to put it in the dining room where my bike normally lives. My wife caught on immediately that it was not my normal bike, and was fairly blasé even when she thought I'd bought it.

Since no post is complete without a picture, here's one of a Surly Straggler. Mmmmm, minty green color...

This picture owned by Surly.


  1. I like your style, Dan. Ride wherever the mood strikes, eat tacos, ice back, test ride bike - again! I have always loved the Bianchi celeste green, which the Surly color resembles.

    1. I love Celeste green, too. I once test rode a bike just because it was that color. Disliked the bike, sadly.

      That Straggler _will_ be mine. I just have to figure out what to sell to get it. I just know it won't be the Kona. :)