Saturday, February 4, 2017

Rain roulette

Lately the rain and illness have been working hand-in-hand to keep me and several other cyclists I know off the road. Today is the first day where it might rain lightly enough for me to go out. I still don't have rain gear (my LBS is moving slowly on getting it), but I don't care. I should be able to remain dry enough. I think. And in any case, I'm waterproof.

So I decided to play rain roulette; you know, where you go out betting that it won't rain too hard. And I lost.

Two things you can't tell from this photo: A) it's raining pretty hard, and B) I'm soaked and taking shelter in a shopping mall.

I waited out the rain. Or at least I waited until it sort of let up. And then I headed down the bike path to a freeway overpass. I got cold. I got wet. But I didn't get stuck in traffic.

However, I did get this.

This is exactly what it looks like. Except that my camera makes the colors brighter, so it's kind of cheerful looking.

Decided I wasn't going to change the tube in the rain and got it to the bike store. Turns out the tire was ripped and any tube I put in would've been flat pretty quickly anyway. (I also found out later that I didn't have the right tube with me.) So my laziness/aversion to working in the rain wasn't exactly wrong. I did have to buy a new tire, which I wasn't crazy about. But I did take out one of their Surly Stragglers for a test ride, which was fun enough to counter the "no fun" of getting a flat in the rain.

Big thanks to my support crew (um...wife) who was willing to pick me up so that I wouldn't have to walk five miles in the rain.

Tomorrow I go on the first organized training ride for April's charity event.  If it rains, the ride will be cancelled and a workout on some stationary bikes will be substituted for the training. I usually don't go to these things. There's something about gyms I just don't like. Also, stationary bikes. You pedal and pedal and end up in the same place.


  1. Rain roulette - how true! But at least you tried to get out. On the positive side, you've discovered your tire was shot, so going forward you'll have a decent replacement with less chance of future flats.

    1. Good point about the tire. Better to find this out on a short trip than when I'm fifteen miles from the nearest bike shop. I also learned that there is no such thing as a puncture-proof tire; only puncture resistant. And when someone says "these tires will last forever", "forever" is a relative concept. :)