Sunday, February 5, 2017

training day

Today is the first training for the April charity event I'm riding in. But after yesterday's rain ride, I'm actually pretty tired. I'm starting this post in the morning prior to the ride. I'll finish it when I come back.


The checklist that the training organizer put together:

  • Have breakfast. Hmmm...not really hungry due to last night's giant Ethiopian feast. I'll have a slice of toast, though.
  • Make sure my water bottles filled up and on the bike. Check.
  • And a bunch of other things that I will do, but I won't enumerate them here, because lists are pretty boring, right? And after yesterday, the thing I care most about is having the correct spare tube. Well, that and having a PB&J for a snack.
And my personal checklist:
  • Walk Mystery Dog. That's not her real name, but we've had her for five years and I'm still not quite sure how she ended up here.
  • Ice my back, because.
I'm going out on the beginners ride because...well, because I am a beginner. I've been cycling less than a year; that's a beginner, right? The entire ride from my house and back is slightly longer than twenty miles, so I don't foresee any problems. Of course, I didn't foresee yesterday's tire rip/tube shred either, so who knows?

Here I would insert a post-ride selfie, but I have to face it; I'm not at my best in the morning. I'm actually not at my best in the evening, either. I'm sure there are a few moments during the day when I am at my best; I just haven't figured out when they are.


The training part of this ride was about fifteen miles. Adding on the four miles from my house and the four miles back, I rode a total plus four plus four miles today. I'm sure you know tell me.

The above is an indication of how tired and out of shape I am. The training part was pretty easy except for a few very short hills that I had to work at.  My front tire remained intact, for which I'm grateful. My rear tire didn't. At least I only had to replace the tube, though.

I'm going to take a moment here to recommend a piece of equipment: the Topeak Road Morph pump. I've had one for a while, but today was the first time I used it. It allowed us to get on the road much faster than any of the other pumps present on this ride would have.

Now I'm going to go replace the Pinhead locks in my wheels with the original quick releases. I can be smart enough about locking up my bike that I don't need the extra security; or at least I've been smart enough so far.  After two flats in two days, I'm a little less enamored with the Pinheads.

Oh, the ride! The people were great, but that's not a surprise. It was a bike ride, after all.

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