Friday, April 28, 2017

event anticipation

Tomorrow I'm going on my first charity event ever. At least I think it's a charity event. People have pledged money, and I'm not getting any of it. That's charity, right.

This is really only the second organized event I've ever registered for. So my low bib number isn't a big deal, because I only have one other to compare it to. But it's pretty low. But does that mean anything? Probably not.
Big deal bib.
I've also taken the rack off my bike and replaced it with a seat bag; a Banjo Brothers large waterproof saddle trunk. I doubt taking the rack off saves me much weight; but honestly? I've always wanted a large seat bag for short trips. Who knows? I would have left the rack on and used the seat bag instead of a pannier, but the rack would have prevented me from filling the seat bag all the way.
So far it's holding a spare tube, patch kit, and tire levers. But tomorrow it will also hold my jacket and leg warmers.
I am slightly nervous about this. It's ten miles longer than the longest ride I've ever taken, and twenty miles longer than my average weekend fun ride. But it's effectively flat for the entire route; there's maybe two-hundred feet (or is it meters?) of elevation gain in the first five miles.

Also, I've been told that there's usually a tailwind on this route. And the high temperatures will be in the eighties. I'm looking forward to the tailwind, if there is one. I've never experienced one, and I'm starting to think that they're largely mythical.

But who knows? Maybe there will be a tailwind. And maybe we'll see a unicorn too.

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