Sunday, May 14, 2017

My multi-modal meander

What do you think is the very best thing about bicycling? The convenience of making short trips? Challenging yourself to do something difficult? Or just the simple pleasure of riding?

For me, it's riding a new route. Getting somewhere I've never been before.  And given my superb planning skills, there's alway the suspense of not knowing exactly how I'm going to get where I want to go.

My plan this Saturday was simple: take a ferry to San Francisco, go up to the Golden Gate Bridge to check it out, then ride back to the ferry and go home.

Of course, my plans fell apart. This was in large part because I often don't know what I'm going to do before I do it. Something that seems perhaps a little too difficult when I'm planning seems more achievable when I'm actually in a position to do it. Also, credit where credit is due: I have a riding buddy (Armando) who, whenever he is asked "Hey, you want to go a little further?" almost always says "Sure. Why not?"

So there we were, on the San Francisco side of the Golden Gate Bridge, and I said "Hey, want to just cross the bridge and then decide if we want to go further?" And Armando being Armando replied "Sure. Why not?"
Sunny, but cold. Thinking about the possibility of food just over the bridge.
After the Golden Gate Bridge, it's pretty much downhill into Sausalito. Hey, why not?

But look! Right outside Sausalito!
Sure, why not?
Yes, that "5" in the picture above signifies a bike path. A bike path that is fairly flat for miles.
Sometimes the road just tells you to keep going.
Should we head on to Mill Valley? Sure, why not? There were a few more climbs on the way that I was unprepared for, but I felt good about doing them. Also, I didn't feel like stopping in the middle of nowhere.

Eventually we, ended up in the bayside town of Tiburon. Tiburon has, at least on Sundays, a sleepy small town feel. It also has metropolitan restaurant prices. I ended up having a ham-and-cheese croissant, a banana, and an orange juice.  A day later, I'm still craving a hamburger.

The original plan was to take the Tiburon ferry to San Francisco, then the SF ferry back home. When we'd finished eating, though, we found that we'd just missed the ferry and that the next one was almost two hours away.

Twenty minutes of hemming and hawing later, we decided to ride back five miles to catch a bus that would take us to a subway station that would take us back home. So that's what we did. And at the end of that five miles, I was happy to become a multi-modal traveler.

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