Saturday, May 27, 2017

Now where was I?

A few pictures from a recent ride. Not worth quite a thousand words apiece, but...

I went through this tunnel to a large recreational area right on the bay.

And like a dork, this is the only picture I took on the other side. The more I look at it, the more it looks like a large sleeping bear.
I rode almost forty miles, and all I got was this picture of a big rock.
There were a few highlights to this ride. One is that it's the longest solo ride I ever took: thirty-seven point nine miles. After a point, it was also one of the prettiest rides I've ever taken. Next time, more pictures.

I also got to try one of the more difficult climbs I've ever attempted. I didn't get all the way up; the hill went from a seven percent grade to a ten percent grade in what seemed a very short distance. A couple of riders zipped past me as I was walking up the last part of the hill; but the rear hubs on their bikes looked like Copenhagen Wheels, or some other power-assist mechanism. Maybe I'll get one of those when I'm older and they're cheaper. Or maybe I'll just get a Harley.

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