Sunday, June 18, 2017

Coming soon to a garage near you...

The high temperature yesterday was ninety degrees fahrenheit.  That's thirty-two celsius for you who think in those terms. However you measure temperature, it was hot.

So of course, before it got that hot, I had to go out for a ride. I did get caught in very hot weather, but there was a slight breeze, so it was only hot when I stopped.

I found this body of water in the middle of a city, situated between a residential section and a shopping mall.

I don't know where this water is coming from, but I suspect it's not for swimming.

The fence shown below used to have the outline of a bicycle painted on it. Obviously, the city decided it should be beautified..
Though...what could be more beautiful than a bike?
It's supposed to be even hotter today.  I should probably stay off of the bike.  Wish me luck.

Today is officially New Bike Day. I won't get a new bike...but this is the day I'd do it, if the bike I wanted was available yet.  I found this near the coffee maker this morning:

As you might guess, it's from Mystery Dog (Bonnie) and on the inside is written "Mom sez you should get a bike, so what are you waiting for?" Oddly, Bonnie's writing looks just like my wife's.

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