Monday, July 3, 2017

Beautiful in and out of town

Ok, here it is...the obligatory picture. Fortunately, it's not just's also pretty. I saw this biking through downtown Oakland. I often go through this part of town on one of my favorite loops, and it's full of art like this.  I've started to note all of the murals I see; I thought of taking pictures of them all, but that would entail stopping every minute or so.

I don't know what this is, but to me, it has a mystical feel.

I'm very fortunate to live in the San Francisco Bay Area (though I don't live in San Francisco itself, and I am appropriately grateful that I don't have to cycle on those famously steep hills.)

In the hills just a few miles away from my house, there is a park where you can wander through a botanical garden:

See the little blue square? That's a description of the plant directly below it.
There are also wonderful shady places to sit. Like this place:

Again with the rocks! What's with the rocks?
I'll be hiking through this area as part of my 4th of July celebration.

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