Monday, July 17, 2017

Ya got to have friends

Yesterday I road ten miles. Yup, only ten miles. In eighty degree heat.

Why did I do this? Friendship. One of my colleagues who has become a friend is moving out of town, and this was my last chance to see him. So naturally I rode over to see him. Had to ride the bike, almost impossible to find parking in his neighborhood. Yup.

After I got home, I started thinking about friendship. And then about biking friends. I have one biking friend who's pretty good about going anywhere I want. But there's a limit to where I can go. Not quite good enough to tackle some of the difficult hills yet, and that leaves only a couple of choices for long rides.

All I can think of to do is to start riding with a local cycling club. I've gone out with one cycling club, but I found them to be overly competitive and not much fun to be around.

So I'm asking anyone who's reading this: if you have experience with cycling clubs (good or bad) that you'd be willing to share, could you write about it in the comments? I'd especially like to hear what made the experiences either good or bad, and what kind of things to look for (and look out for) in a club.

It's possible that joining a club will expand my horizons. It's possible that riding with a club will challenge me to the point where I can eventually make the difficult climbs that will open up longer and longer rides.

And who knows? It's possible that someday I'll be able to bike the hundreds of miles to see my friend/colleague again.

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