Sunday, August 20, 2017

Ouch. Sort of.

I treated myself. Again.

I've wanted one of these for a while. Partly for style (because at sixty, I can use all the style I can get), partly because I wanted a saddle that would last for a while, and partly because I wanted to experience the break-in process for myself.

First thing, I covered the saddle top and bottom with Proofide™, then waited twenty-four hours. Had the bike store install it to get their take on the right nose angle, etc.

What you see on the seatpost is a set of Pinhead™ locks. There is a seatpost lock, and another lock to block the screw that would allow easy removal of the saddle.

So how does the saddle feel? Well, I'd have to base any impression on a short (two mile) ride.

I both like and don't like the saddle.  It does feel pretty good when I find the right spot to sit in, even before break-in. The problem is that it's very slippery, and that makes the right place to sit a little hard to find. There's a little pain in my posterior, but nothing unexpected. So what I can say is: I'll have to have patience.

There is another reason why I like this saddle, and it's best explained by this blast from the past:

When I was in high school, I had a Raleigh in British Racing Green. Based on research I've done, I'm fairly sure the model was either a Sports, Superbe, or Sprite. I still have a soft spot for that bike. And that bike had a leather saddle. I don't know if it was a Brooks, but it was a leather saddle. And getting a Brooks reminds me of that saddle I had long ago.

Honestly, I don't know how this will shake out. This might be the best bikey investment I've ever made. Or it might be a mistake. Patience will inform me.

Note: the part below was added several hours after I started this post.

I've just returned from a fifteen mile "saddle test ride" and stopped by the bike store to discuss adjustment with them. I've also learned a little more about adjusting a saddle.  And of course it's led me to make yet another purchase:
Photo property of Velo-Orange.
It's a Velo-Orange Grand Cru Long Setback Seatpost MKII. Its primary selling point is that it's more adjustable than the seatpost that came with the Straggler in terms of forward and back.  We'll see.

Hmmm...Brooks Saddle. Velo-Orange seatpost. Next month I'll be going full hipster with matching Brooks handlebar tape and a luxuriant beard.

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