Sunday, August 27, 2017

Part the twelfth, in which I have to acknowledge my age

A friend of mine put it best: "At our age, it takes a short time to lose fitness, and four times as long to gain it back."

Took the road bike for a twenty-four mile ride yesterday. I don't know if it was the temperature, or if I just pushed myself harder than usual, but the ride absolutely wiped me out. It may also have been that I'm breaking in the Brooks saddle, and I used my legs a lot to cushion the impact when going over speed bumps and etc.

On the plus side, I did take the first halfway decent pictures I've taken in a while. And I ended up in my favorite place: lost. It may just be my inexperience with long trips, but when I realize that I don't know where I am: serenity.

I really wish I had a more clever caption than "Bike path near some condos."
If I'd been paying attention when I stopped and took that last picture, I would have smelled German food cooking, which probably would have tipped me off as to where I was. I figured it out shortly after taking the picture below.
Not only beautiful, but just ten minutes away from beer!
In the end, though, I was rewarded twice over: I went back to that location in a car to have dinner there, and I slept like a tired dog.

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