Sunday, August 13, 2017

Possibly two thousand words, probably less

Here are a couple of pictures from recent rides. And a picture being worth a thousand words, well...

This first picture came because I deviated from my usual commute route. My usual route doesn't have this many trees, and as a result it's just not as cheerful.
Really, it's the road less travelled...
And this one is right near my favorite local Biergarten.
It's not Venice, but it's not bad. Like Venice, it's a pleasant place to eat on the water.

Finally broke a hundred miles on the new bike with a thirty-two mile ride yesterday. Sadly I did not get one decent picture from the whole ride. I did learn what "natatorium" means -- it's a building containing a swimming pool.  There was a headwind for about fifty percent of the ride, so it was a pretty fair workout. Not one I'm anxious to repeat, but pretty fair.

And now I'm thinking about it...time for another ride. See you later.

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