Friday, November 17, 2017

The more things change more

It is with some slight regret that after three months, I am saying goodbye to my Honey Brooks B17. As much as I tried to make friends with it, my butt had a viewpoint of its own. I never found a comfortable position on it, and I never got it adjusted quite correctly no matter how many times I applied the wrench.

So long, honey...

And there's the rub: the B17 is very adjustable. I could play with the adjustment forever. Forever. I could adjust infinitely and always wonder: is this the best it could be? Yeah. No. So I opted for a flat saddle that will never conform exactly to my sit bones, but I'm somehow more comfortable with that because I just don't think about it.

I've also undergone a change in my attitude. Biking is no longer something noteworthy. It's just something I do. Time to go to work? Get on the bike. Want to go shopping where there's no parking? Take the bike. Need some solitude? A bike ride would be just the ticket.

Of course, I still have ambitions. Light touring. More charity rides. More group rides.

But now it's (almost) winter in California. We don't of course have the snow and freezing weather that other places have. We do have rain, and some of us (me) are still not prepared for that. Hey, it's California! We don't need waterproof shoes! Or jackets. Or hats. I do find that every time I go out for a ride after a big rain, I have to watch out for sharp objects that washed out of the gutters. So I usually think less of waterproof and more of puncture-resistant.

I hope you all are having a pleasant pre-winter season. Some friends of mine who recently moved to Chicago are already seeing snow. In my area, we're seeing sub-45 degree weather. Hey, don't laugh...that's cold for California.


  1. Don't worry about not loving a Brooks saddle. I've heard enough negative feedback from local riders that I won't even shell out what I consider an exorbitant amount to try one. Plus, I would have to worry about theft and covering the seat in weather.

    1. You bring up a point that I thought of, but didn't make in the post -- I had to put extra security (a bike chain) on the bike to prevent an easy theft. I also find it a little sad that a nice saddle makes your bike more of a target. I remember the days when I could just throw my bike down on the ground and it would still be there hours later when I returned.

  2. Here's the rub with the B17. It's rails sit forward from most saddles. I have found the need to switch my seat post to one which is offset to the rear to compensate for the odd rail placement of the B17. That said, once things were moved a bit further back, by posterior settled in nicely. They should tell you that upfront when you buy one of these beauties, otherwise it just leads to frustration.

    1. Thanks for the comment. The bike shop did tell me I should be using an offset post, and I was using a Velo Orange Grand Cru seat post. Still and all, I don't think my posterior is a match for the B17. I was told up front that the B17 is not for everybody, and I think I'm just one of those people.