Monday, January 1, 2018

begin as you mean to go on

The title of this post is the beginning of a quote from Charles Haddon Spurgeon. As far as I know, he's famous largely for that quote. But that quote was on my mind as I started the new year.

Of course, the best start is a healthy breakfast.
Soft-boiled eggs and dinner rolls. Yes, dinner rolls at breakfast. I'm just a rebel.

After breakfast it was still too cold for a ride, so I studied a bit.

First I used computer-aided study...
You can't tell, but the computer is ridiculing me because it has to explain the simple verb "w√ľnschen".
Then more traditional methods.
It saddens me that I am not quite smart enough to understand parts of this book.
Then, finally, I went on a ride.  First through the city...
For some reason, this looks to me like a surrealist painting. Di Chirico, I think.
Then down to the waterfront. At least that was the plan.

I got five miles from my house before getting the first flat of the year. In all honesty, I'm somewhat less than professional when it comes to fixing flats. But the largest amount of time spent on this flat was inspecting the tire and the tube. I could not find any sharp fragments in the tire nor any holes in the tube. Then my previously reliable road pump stopped being reliable. I did manage to pump the tire up to about fifty pounds.  Then my brain let me down by not remembering how exactly to replace the wheel on the bike. After sitting on cold ground for about twenty minutes, my holiday cough made a sudden reappearance and would not go away.

Perhaps I should have kept going, but between the cough and not knowing if my only spare tube was going to pierced by the unfindable mystery object (with no bike shops open), I chose to turn around and head home.

I did eventually find the hole in the tube by inflating it and putting sections under water. It really looks like the hole was in the side of the tube. I've inspected the tire under an extremely bright light and still can't find any punctures. I'm going to write this down as "just one of those things."

In the evening, I watched a few humorous shows with my wife and played some music.

So...healthy breakfast, studying, bike ride, relaxation, and playing music. If I file changing the tube under "getting better at doing small repair tasks", then I've fulfilled my ambition -- to begin as I mean to go on.

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