Sunday, January 14, 2018

training, previously interrupted, continues

The picturesque training route
Today I went on my first group training ride for an April charity event. This comes after three or four weeks of mostly not riding while I tried to rid myself of a persistent winter cold. The event I'm training for has forty-five, sixty-five, and one hundred and ten mile rides. My group is training for the forty-five mile ride. This week we did twelve miles (and I added six more getting to and from the starting point) and we'll eventually work our way up to thirty miles in the weeks before the main ride.

I was not mentally prepared for this ride, assuming that this morning would be as foggy and wet as the last several mornings. A welcome surprise: it was sunny and pleasant all morning (though somewhat cold), only becoming overcast a few hours after the ride ended.

And it was really satisfying riding with a group again. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed these training rides. And it was nice seeing people from last year's ride, most of whom I remembered and most of whom remembered me.

I managed to take one barely acceptable picture of a drab street, despite the majority of the route following a pretty shoreline and passing through pleasant park land. Next week I'll be sure to get some inspiring pictures of sewers.

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