Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Crank redux

Hasn't been a great year for riding. I was getting in shape for a long ride when I got sidelined by the flu.

This morning I was supposed to go on my longest training ride of the year: 30+ miles. Last Friday I slipped and fell in the train station, landing on my arm and hip and tweaking a couple of muscles. So no riding for a few days. Or until I get bored with not riding...say, tomorrow.

Update: rode to work and back, no pain...or should I say no additional pain. In fact, my hip stopped hurting. All hail the great bicycle.

A few months back...or more, maybe...I changed out the crankset on my grocery bike (Kona Big Rove AL) for something that would give me a tiny bit more power. I went from 40/30/22 to 42/32/24. At that time, I thought I might do my first serious review of a bicycle component. I am, of course, unable to be serious about it. The new crankset is a Shimano Deore (XT?). The guy at the LBS thinks that most of the perceived increase in efficiency is also attributable to the change in crank arm length; I now have about 5 mm longer crank arms. Does that contribute to increased efficiency/power? I don't know enough to say, and I'm too lazy to do any research on it.

I do know one thing hasn't changed. Sometimes when I'm riding the grocery bike, I go "Wheeeeee!" like an utter dork.

I feel like I should have a picture of the new crankset, but my laziness extends to not feeling like taking a picture. Instead, here's a bunch of colorful bike share bikes I came upon on my last longish ride.
Lime Bikes congregating
I really like bike sharing. Or at least I like the idea of it. I have an account for our local bike share program just in case I ever need a bike quickly. I'm not sure if I'll ever need one, but the availability is comforting.

Other news: the people who have run my LBS for the past eleven years have decided to retire to spend more time with their child. While the new owner is a decent guy, it's just not the same. However, the old owners have said that they'll now have more time to ride with their daughter, and I should expect a call once they get into their new routine, so...woo hoo! I have never been on a group ride with a five year old, and I look forward to it. I would expect lots of stops to look at stuff. Or maybe the five year old will be really competitive and just drop us slower riders early into the ride.

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