Sunday, April 22, 2018

What's that I said?

Today was the last training ride before next Saturday's forty-five mile training ride. The ride leader decided that today was the day to hammer, and though that's not my ride, I did my best to keep up.

Below is a picture of almost everyone who turned up. You can pick me out easily; I'm the one in jeans. The others range in age from fifteen to forty, and there's not one of them who can't ride far faster than me.
This picture was taken by the helicopter pilot.
The Coast Guard helicopter was there because there was a boat show at the nearby marina (I didn't buy one) and they were going to do a rescue demonstration. The copter pilot gave me a mini-lecture on how this particular helicopter works; all I remember is that it's more complex than I thought it would be.

What else? Well, my legs continue to improve as far as stamina, though they're nowhere near where I want them to be. Also, if I had previously entertained any hopes that I could be a competitive racer (I hadn't), today would have dashed those hopes.

But as I think I've said somewhere: distance, not speed.

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