Sunday, May 27, 2018

Age, acceptance, and some other words I can't remember right now

Note: I started writing this post a week or so if you've been following what I write, and it seems a little weird in terms of time...that's why. I also apologize for my excessive use of the ellipse.

A few weeks back...perhaps three...I rode forty-five miles through the California countryside. I did it fairly quickly, cutting two hours off my best time for this route (which I rode last year for the first time.)

And I thought...hey, not bad for a guy in his sixties.

Then I paid for it. I was getting up in the morning two days later and my lower spine did a whipsaw, causing all the muscles around it to tighten up in defense. And that was it for biking for a week or so.

Ok, I don't know if my back pain was directly related to overdoing it on the ride. But it probably didn't help. And...not to belabor a point, but I believe I mentioned earlier that I would have had a better time taking it a little slower and then not writing about it in run-on sentences.

Here's a picture to relieve the tedium of the excess verbiage.
This has nothing to do with bikes, except it's in the same town as Bike Friday and it's epic, just like your favorite ride.
I have to face it. I'm getting older, and I need to watch what I do with my body. I'm not one of those whippet-like riders who you see passing you on hills while you're going slightly faster than walking pace. In fact, when I've seen pictures of myself on a bike, I think I look more like a circus bear than anything else (but with a bit less cruelty involved).

So. I've made several mid-year resolutions, but they all boil down to "Don't go faster than you're comfortable going, don't be intimidated into going faster, and stretch afterwards."

And in the wise words of Ozzy Osbourne, singer and unreal TV star: "Huh? Wha? Uh, Sharon, that's...wha? Mrmbbmblll....."

Ok, not a great quote, but I couldn't remember the one I actually wanted to use.

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