In February of 2016, I ended a thirty-five year moratorium on exercise. I did this by buying a bicycle. Like many new bicyclists, I overdid it and in August of 2016, I pulled some muscle group (at least that's what the consensus was) and was unable to get on the bike again until September 2016.

I took my first real "recovery" ride (I actually call them "rehab" rides) on October 1st 2016. And I decided that I would start a public blog to document my recovery. And to possibly get feedback from other bike nerds.

Why "Frivolous Cycling?" Well...I've been biking for less than a year. I have no interest in racing or any kind of competition. I've dropped out of group rides where the emphasis was on speed rather than fun. I won't even enter a timed event. So with all this, the collective wisdom tells me that I can't possibly be a serious cyclist.

And maybe I'm not. In any case, it's not important. I have two goals in biking:

  • Have fun
  • Get where I'm going
Good enough for me.

If you want to contact me: dablog(at)sonic(dot)net

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