Like most people who blog about bikes, I have a huge stable of bicycles. And here are both of them...

Kona 2016 Big Rove
The only difference between this and the stock bike is a Bontrager Nebula Plus saddle, Metropolis handlebars, and pinhead locks on the  wheels, seatpost, and headset. Oh, and BMX-style pedals.

Surly Straggler, mint green. Aftermarket stuff includes platform pedals, fenders, rack, Panaracer Pasela 35 tires, shorter stem. 

I would like to show pictures of the rest of my bikes, but sadly, they're all still at the bike store in a state of I-haven't-bought-them-yet.


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    1. Thanks! This bike has sort of turned me around in terms of what I find attractive; I'll never be able to ride a glossy black bike again. :)

      I'd also like to say that read and enjoy your blog.

  2. Hi Doug, just discovered your blog! I like your sense of humour and will be back...


    1. Thanks! I'm a consistent reader of your blog as well!